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Vallone Farm Holydays

 A peaceful land in the  Lomellina's heart

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Il Vallone

In Lomellina as like as all the plains of Lombardia, countries are full of farmhouses of great interest. The classical form in closed court, quadrilateral, it derives, sometimes, from the romanic detached house and sometimes from the monasteries.

The space inside, square or rectangula, in part occuped by the hague that facing southward for cows with overhanging,in the west there are stables used for horses and places of services, and at the end on the east we have farmers' houses. In the best position wich is free, often in the north, there is the hom of the owner, who is the conductor company, wider and with a floor over the others, used for making rooms, also the barn is used for rooms.

Vallone fully reflects this structure, and, because of the houses complitely renovates, it offers a lot of different apartmens, with different colours and tastefully furnushed in harmony with the environment equipped with all best comforts.


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The land appears in XII' s documents with the name of Samignana and in the list of Pavia's lands of 1250, and it will be named like that until the XVII century. It was a lordship of the Sannazzaro's family, but in 1470 it became, in part, fief of The Reyna of Pavia, a family with spanish origins. Sannazzaro and Reyna in 1707 were still sharing the fief. In that same year Semiana, with all Lomellina, became a fief in the hands of Savoia (became official in 1713). In 1859  was aggregated to Pavia. At the beginning of the XIX century the old town of Ferretto was united with Semiana, and it was almost unhabitated from the previous century ( today Ferretto is a farmhouse)


In the Resurgence this land stay in the foreground for its sacrifices and requisitions imposed by the Austrian invasions during the first and the second war of indipendence.

In 1713 with the Treaty of Utrecht, which stopped the war of the Spanish succession, Semiana became aggregated of Piemonte.

During the Napoleonic period Semiana is incorporated in to Cisalpine Republic(1801), then in the Kingdom of Italy( 1805-1814), and in the Agogna's Department will served the distict of Vigevano, which was divided in Vigevano, Mortara, Garlasco and Mede Cantons.

In 1818, with the return of Savoia, is made the province of Lomellina, and that was the first time the whole region was all united administratively. 

With the Unification of Italy, Lomellina was merged to Lombardia throught the born of the province of Pavia.

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Pollini's Family


In 900 the company was taken over by his grandfather Francesco, enlightened farmer, who makes a business thriving in the cultivation of rice, maize and livestock. The family is well known in the area, and is known as a family with reliability and prestige.The activity is continued by his son Giuseppe,  who adds luster to deserve the title of Knight of the Italian Republic. He also created  the famous reserve hunt "Countessa Vallone" atavistic born from the passion for the exercise of hunting and the desire sharing those special moments.

His convivial lunches made it a very popular person in the area and the whole family has inherited this great propensity for hospitality.The verandah with its large fireplace was the scene of many friend's lunches illustrious and not, enthusiastic equally for warmth and elegance of this house.

 Today the company is managed by Angelo , the son of Joseph, which in a modern designs its run . The farm grows the best quality rice , corn in rotation in research to reduce the environmental impact of crops on the landscape and its delicate balance , to this end have been taken to the cultivation two parcels for the planting and the creation of a green machine, oaks , wild cherry , ash, white poplar. Some years ago entered into a European project Z.P.S ( Zona di protezione speciale)= SPAs ( Special Protection Area )" Rice fields Lomellina ", one of the largest in Europe for the protection of bio- diversity and Herons. He also installed two solar plants on rooftops company for an average annual production of 35 Kw . Angel wanted to share this little piece of paradise with customers, creating precisely the Walloon Farm , allowing him to host the prestigious areas of the grandfather and father of all those who love these lands rich in color and warmth , in keeping with the great traditions family.

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